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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I have decided to do only about 6 sheepdog trials this year. I will take both of my girls with me and Jet can travel as a mascot with us. Two trials will be out of state, since I do love to travel. I'm hoping to go to New Mexico and to Lacamas again this year. We will make it a family vacation to Lacamas in Wa. meaning Wayne will come too, and we will travel in the toy hauler.

My son won't be in WA. for us to visit this year since he will be deployed on a ship (FIRST time ever on a ship after 17 years in the Navy). He will be stationed in Japan. Since Wayne spent some time in Japan in the Marine Corps, I'd like to save some money for him to travel to Japan to visit Dustin. :0)

Oh, how I would love a new pup to train and especially a Kilt/Buzz pup, but I need to be realistic. I have 5 dogs and I want to spend more quality time with my older dogs. And, Wayne is right....I need to keep learning from my "girls." There is always more to learn and more to train with the dogs I have. Yoko will be 4 yrs. in January and Kilt is now 7 yrs. old. Plus, a few of Kilt's pups will be local and I will be able to monitor their progress. Kind of like having grandchildren. They always go back home to their parents. :0)

I'm hoping to buy a new Nissan Van this year and have Sportsmobile West trick it out a bit for me. I want it kept "simple." I am selling my 18 foot trailer. I don't care for pulling a trailer. A simple cargo van with a few small additions will be perfect for me.

Plus, I have two trips planned to see my father in Florida. One in March and hoping with fingers and toes crossed that he can make his 95th birthday, July 1st. Here's hoping :0)

I also have another fabulous 10 day WINE cruise in September planned that I am taking with a girlfriend. It starts out in Canada and ends up in San Diego. We have already received several upgrades. We now will be sipping wine on a "balcony." Now, that's way cool.

I'm still constantly cleaning and trying to get rid of "things." Things that I really don't really need anymore. Things that I have been hanging on to. Things that just seem to pile up. You know what I mean. It's a constant battle.

Family, good friends, good dogs, and GOOD HEALTH!     HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Elaine said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now. absolutley love it. Kilt is such a good mamma!!

Karen said...

Happy New Year to you and yours too! Watching those puppy nursing videos...well all I can say is that Kilt has my sympathy! Wow, they are so big:)