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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The "Montessori" kids

Oh my.  The little heathens are 4 weeks old today.  Where does the time go?  I call them my 'Montessori' kids.  They seem to have a jump-start on everything they do.

Tri-pod   'Leave me alone.  I'm trying to sleep'

Handsome Rumble



Diamond boy...here's my smooth coat puppy (I can tell now)

No rest for the weary NOW.   These guys and gals are on the move.  They are eating 4 meals per day of their gruel and organ meat.

Tasty, eh?

They nurse on Mom about every 3 hours.  Kilt has decided standing is better than lying down at this point.  They are just too big.  They are hanging off of her catching a meal as she goes by.  When I told Kilt to lie down to let them nurse;  if looks could kill!  I got a look from her this morning that clearly said, "You lie down and see how you like it."  I am keeping my mouth closed now.  Mother knows best. 

It pays to be tall (Tri-pod)

Kilt has also decided that the other dogs may come in our bedroom at night.  I'm sure she is thinking...please, you and you take care of them.  Just give me some rest.  I'm thinking the same thing.  LOL The pups are still brought in at night, since it is in the high 20's and low 30's outside. 

Yoko and Jet are thinking that the pups are eating better than they are...
They would probably be thinking correctly.

They have cedar shavings and an igloo in their chain link kennel outside for during the day.  They are sheltered from the elements.  Even if they cuddle together in their igloo they still can listen to chain saws, barking, cows, sirens, etc. Welcome to your new world.  When they are 5-6 weeks of age, I will transfer them to the kennel that overlooks the sheep pen. They can look down at the woolies. :0)  Also, when they get to that age they can follow me out to the agility arena when Wayne is home to help keep track of them.  They are never out alone, because we have predators here on the mountain.  They are always supervised or in topped kennels.

Jet, the kindest dog on earth LOVES the puppies, EXCEPT when they try to nurse...you know where!

I brought home a cheapie hospital brush last night and gave them their first grooming.  They loved it.  I keep putting new toys in the box for them to play with when they are inside.  They like to tug and roll the balls with their noses.  I gave them a toy Trouble owns that is a battery operated.  It is a  hard ball with a fur tail. Tri-Pod (the big male) loves this toy.  He is always grabbing the fur tail as it rolls by and dragging it off to his corner.  I have made them cardboard wobble boards (Buja boards) to romp on; anything I can think of to give them new experiences.

Tri-Pod with his favorite toy

Puppy Jail   4 weeks old today

I'm still amazed at my "accidental" finding.  I put a hospital chux (blue pee pad) in the box one day when I was washing their rug.  They all went to the chux to pee.  So, now, I keep one blue chux in the whelping box in the corner at all times. The majority ALL go to the pad to pee.  Now how cool is that?  It doesn't take much to make my day :0)

The other neat thing about these pups is that no one has had ANY diarrhea.  Not even with worming them.  Can't say the same for their mother, but the pups have all had soft, pasty, formed stools.  That really helps with the clean-up. 
Kilt taking a break while I feed the sheep and clean their barn.  Kilt is still eating 3-4 meals per day.  I think she may be putting back on some weight.

Today, I may have to go out to their kennel (somebody force me, twist my arm... hahaha) and introduce them to a clicker.  This place will be way too quiet when they leave for their new homes.  I may have to go on an anti-depressant.  Not...just kidding.  I am having so much fun with them.  I'm still debating over whether to keep one or not.  Everyone is telling me I would be a fool not to keep a pup.  But, I don't want to upset the applecart.  I have 5 wonderful dogs.  That's a lot to care for, especially with 3 that are aging.  ELDER CARE in progress.  I should put a note on the door like my brother did for Pop.  Elder care in progress.  Please don't knock.  Call such and such.  Hahaha

Puppy breath...Y'all come back now :0)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love reading your posts, first thing in the morning I do! I just recently had to put down my 8 year old BC with a terminal illness and viewing your pups makes me smile through my tears. I truly believe it is helping me cope with my grief. Keep up the good writings and I too would like to offer my condolences on the passing of your father.

gvmama said...

Thank-you. Glad my ramblings are enjoyed. :0)