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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 week old pups

A few ramblings this morning.  Pups are 4 weeks, 2 days as I write this.  They are getting way too active to be in a whelping box at night in our bedroom.  They sleep a couple of hours and then they are up playing for 30 min. ALL night long.  Kilt has been the BEST mother ever.  Her mother and sisters are the same way.    Five pups are perfect.  If she had double that size, it would have killed us both ;0)

Jennifer Clark-Ewers suggested I get some heat discs for the pups and get them out of the house.  I have been worried because the nights have been in the 20's.  I just ordered 2 of them from Valley Vet Supply,

They say to pop them in the microwave and then put in the pups bedding and they will keep everything toasty for some 10 hours.  I ordered TWO, because Trouble would like to have one.  She has to wear a coat indoors during the winter.  We keep our house at about 60 degrees.  Propane is just too expensive, plus, I'm a firm believer cold is better on your health than hot.

I hear that the little heathens are up.  Time to make them breakfast!


Karen said...

It amazes me that they don't drag the 'latrine area' around and rip it up:)

gvmama said...

Not yet, Karen...but getting close to ripping it up. hahaha Really, they go to the pad to pee about 80% of the time. A friend gave me those pads for whelping. It was just an accidental finding on my part.