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Friday, December 2, 2011

WTF Friday

http://jorbar.livejournal.com/59794.html    Bloggerdom's WTF Friday from Jorgen

What handler do you strive to be like, or handlers if you have Schizophrenia?
I enjoy watching EVERYONE handle.  We are all so different, but if I HAD to narrow it down to ONE, it would be Alasdair.

How do you change your handling style depending on what dogs you trial?
Exactly as you state....it "depends" upon the nature of the beast.  Some dogs are pushy and independent, some are sensitive and soft.  Some are strong eyed and sticky and some loose eyed.  My wide running loose eyed dogs (Jet and Yoko) I always let them stand as they would like at the post.  If anything I let them take a step or two straight ahead of me looking up the field before I send them.  I know they are going to blow out into a wide pear shape as soon as they get to the 3/4 mark on their outruns. Kilt, being stronger eyed I might ask her to give a bit of ground at the post before sending her. I have to watch that she doesn't stop short.  Her eye will draw her in.  I am ready with my whistle if needed.  Jet and Yoko have soft, polite lifts.  Most of the time I will let them find balance or maybe assist with a "there" whistle, but I don't ask for a down.  With Kilt, I insist on a down at the top and have to count to 5 before letting her up.  And, so forth :0) 

How do you change your handling depending on what trial you are running at?
Smaller areas are more difficult to work than larger areas to me. Smaller fields seem to require more frequent commands due to shorter distances.  I'd rather have a 150 yd. crossdrive versus a 50 yard crossdrive.  It gives the dog time to settle into a nice pace and time for the handler to iron out any wrinkles. Large fields require less commanding.  I'd rather have a 400 yd. plus outrun versus a 200 yd. outrun.   Arena work requires more mechanical handling due to the pressures and small area worked.  You have very little time to screw up. One goof and you may ruin your whole run.

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