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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Stacey and I braved the winds and drove to Pine Valley to work sheep today. Not a breath of wind 4 hours south of here.  We passed big rigs  and RV's pulled over and one on it's side due to the high winds around the Inland Empire area.

Yoko and Molly enjoyed the new fields to work. 
All 34# of Yoko makes her look like a midget next to 52# of Molly.

Yoko rode in the front of the stock trailer.  Ohhh...scary. :0)

Yoko says, "Can I ride in the top crate on the way home?"

What a beautiful setting to work dogs

Fabulous fields to work...some snow flurries in the AM, a few rain drops in the afternoon.

Some of the players

Yoko spotting her sheep

Molly heading down the lane to the stock trailer

Hmmmm...Those aren't sheep? Antennae UP!

Yoko doing the "turkey trot"

Yep, wild turkeys...pretty good at blending into the scenery.

Yoko on the FULL "turkey" RUN

These turkeys may have survived Thanksgiving.  But, I'm not sure they will survive Yoko.  My "Lie down" fell on deaf ears when it came to the wild turkeys.

A very colorful collage of mushrooms

Some thick foliage.  Hope that isn't poison oak I was hiking through!

Yoko had a great day hiking, working sheep, and hunting turkeys :0)



Erin O said...

Those are chicken of the woods mushrooms, they are edible. What a find!

gvmama said...

Thanks Erin for educating me. I googled Chicken of the Woods and read all about them. Instead of turkey hunting, maybe next trip to the ranch I will be mushroom hunting!

gvmama said...

And, oh yeah...that was poison oak I was hiking through. I have some on my left ankle today :0(

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Was Yoko's first Turkey experience up here with our Turkey? Or was that the llama?

I sure wish I could go and do some of the work sessions wiht you.....

Hope to see ya soon

gvmama said...

I think I still have the photo I took when Yoko met your turkey and her neck stretched out like an accordian while the hair stood up on her back. It makes me giggle everytime I look at it. These "wild" turkeys got a little "pay back" for scaring Yoko at your place.

Karen said...

What a great way to spend a Saturday!
Next time maybe Yoko could herd those turkeys right into the stock trailer:)

gvmama said...