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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Working dogs in the high desert

What a beautiful wintry weekend at Dr. EveLynn McGuiness's ranch to hold a trial.  It was a very light entry which made it cozy, social, and delightful to attend.   I have one more field trial to scribe/apprentice to obtain my AKC judge's license.  I entered Yoko one day in the field and another day in the arena. 

This is my land marker to find EveLynn's place...the leaning pine tree.  I can see it from the main road miles away.  Many a hawk has nested in this particular pine.  Hard to see in this picture, but the Tehachapi mountains in the background were covered in snow.

A view of the field course.  Now you can see the snow on the mountains.  This is a pretty time to visit the "high desert."  The flora and fauna is so different and unique. 

In mid-November certain types of cactus were in bloom.

One of EveLynn's many barns.

My girlfriends' dogs, Melodie Sudick's Keira and Ty

Some more unusual looking cactus species.

A sign in the main barn :0)  Since the Belgian Tervuren breed club was hosting the trial, we had Belgian waffles and sausage for breakfast.  For lunch we had some awesome Chili Verde.

FEED ME! Trouble was ALL about their breakfast and lunch.

I'm guessing this adobe built structure is well over 100 years old.

A close up of the door.

With me working and Wayne in the hospital, I brought several extra dogs with me to get them out and about.  Jet and Trouble got to come on Saturday.  Kilt and Trouble, today.

Yoko was a good girl.

All 3 had a good time hiking around the ranch down these dirt roads.

The awards were unique.  The whole weekend was very relaxing.  The dogs had a good time.  Beautiful scenery, cool fresh air, dogs and sheep, great friends....how could I ask for more?  Well, maybe one more request..... GET WELL Wayne and get out of the hospital!  We are missing you here on the mountain.   I bet I could sneak Trouble in to see you....Hmmmmm   I'm getting an idea.....

1 comment:

Karen said...

Love the smokers and chewers sign:)
Someone needs to come up with a funny one about people that allow their dogs to pee on any and everything at dog events. ( a real pet peeve of mine...)
Yes, get well fast Wayne! Hope you can get a dog in to see him.
I suppose it depends what wing he is in, but here they seem quite happy to have you bring a pet in for a visit.