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Monday, November 7, 2011

Porterville Stockdog Trial

This weekend brings a BIG challenge for Yoko.  Her first nursery year I put her on the Deer Creek range ewes and she couldn't lift them.  They scared her.  Hell, they scare me.  Her mother loves them.  But, Kilt has always loved a challenge. She placed both days last year working them.  Last year I didn't run Yoko on them, but let her mosey them around the field before the trial.  They don't mosey very well.  Here they are...most likely laughing in her face.  "Come on...Let's see what you are made of little white faced Border Collie."

I have never seen tougher sheep than the Deer Creek Range Ewes.  This is a photo of Erin's Lark from last years trial who held her own with them.  It's helpful that Suzy has range ewes to work her dogs on at her farm.  Though, they didn't act like this when I was there a few weeks ago. 

Yoko is three now and we are going to give it another go. GO YO!  If she gets them to my feet I'm going to consider that a success

Here's hoping for you Yoko :0)


Kathy said...

Good luck!!

Karen said...

I hope Yoko didn't have to resort to using a rope:)