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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A gaggle of geese and more....

There is nothing like a good ranch class.  Nothing.  I was told the ranch class would start around 10 am after the cattle classes.  I arrived at 9:45 a.m.  The joke was on me.  They had more day of the trial entries than they expected and the ranch class didn't start until almost 2 pm.   I got to watch some of the cow classes.  Loved Anna Guthrie and Cindy Easley's "just" one year old BC's on cattle.  They were awesome.  Nothing I like better than a good dog that will turn a cow on the head.  I wish I wasn't such a sissy.  I know Yoko would duck a kick.  It's just that first "kick" that worries me.
Then, Yoko and I set sheep for the arena class. It was cold and rainy.  At one point I thought it was going to snow.  I had half gloves on and my fingertips were purplish.  Thankfully, I had my rain gear with me.  The sheep were calm and easy to set.  Only a few bullies in the pen.  But, this gave Yoko a chance to see that if she would slither to the outside of the pen and keep a direct eye OFF the sheep, they would come out easily.  Eying sheep up in the pen equals a fight.  Yo's mother is the queen of slinkiness in the pens.  Yoko is learning.
Gathering around the "burn barrel"

The start of the ranch class took place here.  Sort 8 head of sheep from the flock of sheep and goats.  This is the hardest part of the ranch class.

Jesse and Bindi counting if they have 8 head of sheep in order to move on to the rest of the ranch trial.
Jesse recently retired from bronc riding.  He and his wife Lisa, are some of my favorite people.  I'm trying to convince them to come over the 'dark side' and get a Border Collie.  I'm not doing a very good job at it. :0)

Those cows sure EAT alot of EXPENSIVE bales of hay!

Terry asked me if Yoko would move all of the Geese for tomorrow's ASCA trial into a stock trailer for the night.  Yep, she did it, but not without a few feathers in her mouth :0)  We got a few laughs as she tried heeling a Goose.  Don't ever try taking pictures of your dog while she is trying to manage a large gaggle of geese.  LOL

Friends lined up with their arms outstretched to keep the geese headed into the large stock trailer.  They would have done better with a ramp.  It was hard for them to jump up into the trailer, but they managed it.

Look at Yoko peeking around the stock trailer door. :0)

I helped Dale put Crackers the mule in confinement.  She has an abscess that is draining that needed some doctoring.  That's the nice thing about coming to Task farms is that my dogs and I get to do and see a little of everything.

Time for awards.  Silver buckles went to those who competed in ALL three AHBA trials.

Joe Williams won TWO silver buckles wih his dog, Belle,  for High combined sheep and cattle and High score on cattle.  Look at that BIG grin.  Congrats to you!

Dorothy Tierney-Dunlap and Buster won the Belt buckle for sheep

Yoko and I winning the Ranch class.  Put your hat back on Terry. It's freezing!

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