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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ranch dogs

Penny and goat friend

I wish I could have filmed my dogs the other day at Task farms taking one flock of sheep, goats, and a Jenny to one area and another flock of sheep, goats, and another Jenny to another area.  One group of about 60 and one group of about 25.  Among the goats were Billy's and of course, Big Bertha, and just to make it more interesting we had to pass alfalfa bales, hay carts, etc.  Jet had the easy job of bringing in the large flock from the pasture.  Kilt got the hard group and had to go into battle with the goats to get them off the hay carts.

Kilt going into battle

I put her with the group that had Penny the Jenny.  Penny knows Kilt well.  The other new Jenny, Eeyore, isn't too happy with Kilt.  Eeyore tried to trample Kilt and Kilt bit her nose.  Eeyore doesn't mind Jet and     Yoko.  It's all just a matter of getting used to each other.  The Jenny's are fantastic at keeping coyotes at bay.  They get to know the dogs that work the ranch and after awhile, they don't bother with them.  Plus,   Molly, the guardian dog does her fair share, too.  Molly has full run of the ranch.  Molly doesn't like staying in one place and can jump any of the fences so each Jenny has their own group of stock to watch in separate areas.  It's a pretty good working system.

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