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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Island Crossing SDT

Small, but tricky field with a few ditches in the fetch line that make you lose your sheep for about a count of five. The outrun was the same for the Pro Novice dogs as the open. It didn't trick Yoko.she had two very pretty outruns, but was too tentative at the top. She didn't take as much control as I would liked to have seen.
Yoko was more concerned with her feet than working sour, heavy sheep. The field was covered in thistles. Ouch! Her first fetch was done on 3 legs. She was hopping on the front and then on the back. She was miserable. Lots of sore footed dogs. A few didn't even run the second time. Yoko got a 52. Without a pen. Next round she would have been in contention if she hadn't bit the big black faced sheep on the first leg oh her drive. He was moving too slow for her liking. Her cross drive was good and her pen easy for a score of 65. I believe a score of 70 won it.
It was nice to see Don Helsley (judge) and of course, Bob and Nancy Stephens from Canada. Bob has been so helpful in my training of Yoko tolerating question after question on the Border Collie boards ........
Here's hoping Yoko's feet will feel better and she will be in a better frame of mind to work sheep at the Lacamas trial. :0)


Karen said...

Hmmm, maybe carry a set of dog booties to a trial?

gvmama said...

Maybe...but I didn't see any other dogs with boots. I have never found boots that would stay ON in a field.
She looks better...just fussing about her front right this morning.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Looking forward to seeing you!

Erin O said...

I use Ruffwear dog boots on Z for running on the pavement. They stay on really nice int he field too if he has torn up his feet.
I also paint his and Hank's feet with Tuff Foot all spring and summer. It makes them less sensitive to the thistles. Also, because it is soooooo moist here all the time I find if I don't paint feet they get foot sore and torn up really easy when we travel.

gvmama said...

Thanks my friends. A few broken ribs and a few sore pads ain't gonna ruin our fun! Erin....if you have your tuff foot with you, I'll paint her feet. Poor baby.