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Saturday, August 6, 2011


How I dislike packing for a trip.  I always seem to take too much.  I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.  It's mind boggling.

I am in the "thinking" mode of packing for my Washington trip.  I leave August 9th and will return on August 26th...2 weeks, 3 days.  I am taking my old Avalanche truck with 150,000 miles on it and two dogs, Jet and Yoko.  I already got new tires to the tune of $600.  Wayne put on new front shocks, and I will get a new battery before I leave. It is hard to pack for me and two dogs living out of my truck on the road.  I should have it down by now, because I have done it so much. :0) 

I think packing for the dogs is almost harder than packing for me.  Plus, I have to think about the dreaded four letter word 'fire' before I go.  We keep dogs out back in a back run and some in the front of the house in runs.  I don't want any dogs in the back yard while I am gone and Wayne is at work.  I plan on putting the JRT in a small run with a crate out front.  Xena and Kilt will share a large run next to Trouble.  Igloos have been removed and crates will be in the runs in case of emergency.  Stock trailer is parked by the sheep pen. 

Most of the time I pull over to sleep in rest stops or at certain fairgrounds that have showers.  I have done this Washington state drive many times in my lifetime.  I will drive the 20 plus hours up the 5 freeway going and will come back on the coast.  I get too sleepy driving home on the 5.  Don't mind driving up the 5 because I'm anticipating seeing friends and family, but coming back home is a bit of a drag, driving anyway.

I will be going to visit my girlfriend and her new 20 acre farm.  She owns Yoko's brother, Walk-Up Moses.  He is a wonderful working dog.  Many of the 'big hats' have complimented her on Moses and have asked who bred him.  That makes me feel good.  Especially, since it has been my only Border Collie litter to date. I'm bringing his sister (Yoko) who I wasn't even sure would make a decent stock dog.  She's a little different, but she gets the job done and I enjoy her.  Plus, I will be auditing 2 days of a 3 day shedding clinic with Scott Glen.  I would stay for the 3rd day, but I am trialing Yoko in pro-novice at the Island Crossing trial close to Whidbey Island. 

My son lives on Whidbey Island, so I will spend a few days with him.  The HUGE exciting news from my son is that he just was promoted to Chief.  I am so excited for him.  Better money, better retirement, etc. etc.
I can't wait to take him out to dinner to celebrate.  Plus, while he is working I have several places on the island (Joseph Whidbey State Park)  I can't wait to visit.  From there, I will travel back to the Oregon/Wa. border and go to the Lacamas SDT in Camus.  It is one of the biggest in the U.S.  Just trialing Yoko there.  It would be too hot and too much for Jet to trial in open there at his age. He is going along because he is my traveling buddy. 

Back to packing.  I bought 4 hard plastic crates to load stuff.  One crate has my leashes, dog waters, and dog food.  I have my emergency large tackle box for the dogs.  It has everything in it, but the kitchen sink.  I packed some bully sticks and glycogen powder drink for Yoko if it is hot when she is trialing.  I also two cooling vests for the dogs if it's hot.  Plus, I bought them Advantix for the trip. I hate to put that poisonous stuff on my dogs, but I am doing it for this one month. I don't want to bring home and ticks or fleas. See what I mean....it's harder to pack for the dogs!

One crate has my rain gear.  It has rained all year up there this year.  I have to be prepared.  In the rain gear crate, will be my rain boots, Ariat boots, and other shoes.  Another crate will have my jeans, shorts, and other clothes.  I bought a hanging clothes bag to put my shirts in so they aren't a wrinkled mess.  I bought a new rolling ice chest that is narrow enough to fit up front in the passenger side of the floor.  I am only bringing one soft crate.  Both dogs can tie out on cable leads.  I'll have the one crate if I absolutely need it. Sometimes Yoko drives me CRAZY looking for cows while I am driving.  I need to put her in a crate to give myself a break.  My little cow dog....wrong home Yoko.

Yoko scanning the horizon for cows

I will try to make up a little kit that has a towel,washcloth, a bit of makeup and other toiletries for a quick shower on the road. Not sure where I am stopping on my first night.  I will aim for stopping in Medford for my second night at a fairground that has nice camping and showers (cheap.) From Medford I will go to Cottage Grove to work sheep for an hour at Laura Vishoot's farm.  It will give the dogs and me a nice break.

I have a bag up front with me of snacks (low cal)....just nibbles to keep me awake. Plus, ipad, iphone, ipod, chargers, etc.  Geez...can't forget them.  I don't use a Garmin.  I just point myself in the right direction and I usually get there.  I don't like that Garmin voice saying do this and do that.  Once in awhile my husband will get a tired, harried voice calling him on the phone saying, "I'm lost."  Though, not too often.

Plus, a front seat of little gifts I have been collecting over the last few months.  It's my friends and our anniversary Aug. 14th.  We had a double wedding some 27 or 28 years ago.  I left a card and have a present already wrapped for Wayne who won't be with me to celebrate.  Then, when I am at Lacamas it's my girlfriend's birthday.  All presents wrapped and accounted for....good to go on that one.

Hey, I'm tired even thinking about it.  Plus, the last 3 weeks I have been trying to get in a bit of overtime at the hospital to you know...pay the mortgage, bills and the little things like that.  hahahahha  Plus, I can't forget my sleeping bag and pillows!  Like.....where the heck am I going to find room to sleep in the back of the truck?  Believe it or not, it can be done.

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