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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Looking for the perfect "working" vehicle

Okay...I have been on the hunt....not for a new dog, but for a new car.  I don't like traveling pulling a trailer unless I am in the toy hauler with my hubby and he is driving his diesel.  Remember, I bought an 18 foot (really nice Eco-Scamper) and have used it 3 times by myself for some long trips.  I did it, but it was a bit nerve-racking for me.  My Avalanche is coming up on 150,000 miles.  I have loved that truck, but it is difficult to "crawl" into the back to sleep.  Not complaining;  just, I am getting a bit older, a bit more arthritic.  Jet, Xena, and I would like a smaller step up and a bit more room. :0)

I'm a lot less complicated.  I really only need the bare necessities.  Oh yeah....fridge and micro, etc. are nice, but I'm a mountain woman...hence, the name Green Valley mama.  I need to "simplify."  I have looked at used.  I like to buy used, because it saves one lots of money.  I haven't seen anything in the used department that I like yet.  I have looked at Astros, Grand Caravans, etc.  WAY too SMALL for me at almost 5'10".  I like room.  I have looked at the fancy schmancy vans that come with everything including the kitchen sink.  Just WAY too much for me.  And, way too pricey.  I need something that I can also drive to work in....

I have my eye on a new Nissan van.  http://www.nissancommercialvehicles.com/?site=test05252011
The nice thing about this van is that it has LOTS of leg room in the front.  It's a commercial van.  I don't want the high top...just the regular van. It has a ton of room and they will put a half utility rack in the back for storage.  It will fit my crates nicely.  It has a side door that slides open.   The back door open up and then opens fully to the sides of the van.  This makes it easy to get anything in and out.  I could put one of those magnetic screens up when the doors are open.  Easy breezy to put a sleeping area in.  May need to bolt one swivel chair in the back.  I liked to have a chair in the back. They would insulate it for me to keep it warm/cool for me and the dogs.  And put in a window on the passenger side.  It's got backup stuff, GPS, a ton of storage up front including hookups for my ipad, etc.  It's actually pretty nifty.  I'm looking at the 3/4 ton 6 cylinder.  Plus, it has lots of electrical outlets front and back.  Plus, the flooring in the back is a heavy padded rubber, nice to step on, easy to sweep, etc.  I think this may be a good fit for me.

I'll feel like I'm back in the 60's again driving a van. :0)


Karen said...

I was thinking one of those Sprinter vans, but this one looks pretty good.
I know you don't want the high one, but would you be able to stand up in that one? There's something to be said for standing upright:)

gvmama said...

Standing upright is good, but I need to use this as a work vehicle, too. Beats crawling into the back of my truck to sleep.