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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Pop

All I could think of was how easy it was at the airport when I was a kid. The airport was a mad house flying to Florida the other evening. Everyone yelling, talking on their cell phones, pushing. Yuck. People bring so much luggage I can't believe the plane can carry that much of a load. Not a single open seat tonight on the late flight to Atlanta. When I was a kid I flew first class with a $6.00 surcharge since my Dad worked for the airlines. Plus, we dressed up then to fly and the service was....well, no one today would understand. 0) My Dad always wore a suit and the rest of us dressed like we were going to church

At LAX getting ready to board on Delta to Atlanta on the red eye, they came over the microphone and said they would be delaying the flight a few minutes and asked if everyone boarding the 767 could use the restrooms in the airport since 3 of their 6 restrooms were NOT in working order.  That was a WTF moment for me.  Pay over $500 and pretty soon you will have to bring your own porta potty.  Then once up over 30,000 feet the stewardess apologized that their on board entertainment system wasn't working for a good 75% of the seats.  I was starting to fret a bit since my girlfriend had an emergency landing (Delta engine caught on fire) in Atlanta last week.  She had to jump out on the slide, etc.  I was now NOT thinking very nice things about Delta.  I tried a bit of a nap when the plane started rocking and rolling.  The stewardess came over the loud speaker and said, "I'm sure you aware that we are in some "serious" turbulence.  Please belt your babies and children securely."  Okay....I'm definitely not happy now...maybe, even a little tearful.
All's well that ends well.  I made it to Atlanta and when I got on my next flight from Atlanta to West Palm I slept the whole 90 min.  I was stressed to the max.  I hope I didn't snore and drool all over the good looking guy I was sitting next to.....

Happy to be here even if it is 90 degrees and the humidity is 100%.  Pop has lost about 15 pounds since October, maybe more.  Just old age catching up to him.  Jim and Linda take the most fabulous care of him.  I truly think this might be his last year.  He had some more skin cancer carved off his right cheek.  They would like to do some radiation.  That is up for discussion.  Mentally, I think Pop is the best I have seen him in a few years.  Maybe those skin patches for dementia work!  He still can't remember what happened 5 minutes ago, but he has some long term recollection.

Pop is still the kindest. most courteous, and caring human being I know.  Here's to you Pop on your birthday today.  HAPPY 94th BIRTHDAY to an officer, a gentleman, a fabulous husband and the BEST father EVER. 

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