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Thursday, June 23, 2011

MacDonald's trial

I'm missing my favorite trial of the year....George and Sue MacDonald's trial in Washington.  One day they use light Katahdin sheep and the other day they use crafty Scottish black face sheep.  The field is small, but the draws are tricky.  They usually have a judge come from "across the pond."  They sometimes use a Maltese cross on day two to spice things up.  I think they should use "collared" sheep for their shed on the Katahdins on day one. :0)  Both add a level of difficulty to the open classes.

Last year I won a handmade crook (dubbed...the ugly stick) by many....one of the first few crooks George had made, I guess.  It was anything, but ugly to me.  Plus, it wasn't long after that, I won my first open class with Kilt with a marked shed, pen, single.  The 'ugly' stick became a damn 'pretty magical' stick!

Sorry to miss this trial this year, but I so wanted to go to Washington to the Lacamas stockdog trial this year.  I can't do both until I win the lottery.  So, to all of my friends,  GOOD LUCK.  And, party hearty at the Saturday night potluck.  I can taste the steamed clams and barbecued mussels right now.  YUM!

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