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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clear as mud, right?

I have gone back to basics with Yoko. She knows what lie down means. She knows what stand means. She knows what take time means. I have done a great job in "complicating" everything for her.

She started to fudge on the down, so I was happy with a stand, she started to fudge (walk a bit) on the stand, so I was happy that she at least slowed down. Now, everything is as clear as mud to her. I have complicated some very simple commands. What a dork, I am.

Back to square one. Everytime I blow a down, a stand is unacceptable. Evertime I blow a stand, walking a bit is unacceptable. I'm trying to make my commands as clear as a bell....no more guess work involved. I'm not sure how this happens when working stockdogs, but it does. Pretty soon, the dog becomes confused and does whatever they want. That, I don't want.


I said I was giving up on Kilt. I'm not. I'm sure there is more she can teach me other than frustration and humility on the trial field. There is NO quit in this bitch. I just haven't found the right key to unlock the inconsistencies in her trialing yet. I have more to learn and I'm sure she is the girl to teach me.  LOL


Erin O said...

"Clarity" is all in what you are willing to live with :) And level and consistency of compliance depends on you, the dog and where you are in training.

Like Z, rarely pick on his stop. I don't care if he takes 2,3,4 steps before coming to a stand still and I'm usually happy with just a slow down. This keeps him a happy worker. If I pick at his stop and insist he pull up dirt every time I blew a down, he just gets wider and wider and gets tentative about walking up. He is also awesome at not making trouble and I trust him completely to work on his own with out much input from me ;)

On the other there's Cam. She MUST stop every time I blow lie down. She has a lot of presence, so I prefer her lie down, but any stop will do. She's not as awesome at keeping herself out of trouble and her fuse can be a little short. I trust her a lot and can leave her be if I know she will stop unquestionably.

So I think as long as your criteria is consistent with each dog you develop your own language with each dog. There's no confusion as long as the criteria stays the same. So what maybe permissible for Yo to cheat on a little bit may never be ok for Kilt to cheat on. Just my thoughts.

gvmama said...

Thoughts well taken. Though, give an inch, they seem to take a mile.

BCxFour said...

They do take a mile and run and run and run and run and run some more! Which causes me to try and run up the field...which is uncomfortable. I dont like running. *sigh*

gvmama said...

Don't run....walk with conviction.