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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Journal seven at the beach

If only I could see...

Yoko is not yet trustworthy around strange people and dogs. It takes her awhile to get to know them. And with people, once she knows you, you are a best friend for life. She still is a bit standoffish with other dogs.

So I have taught her to "follow" when coming up on loose dogs and strangers. When I say "follow" she falls in behind me, nose behind my knee. I don't care what side as long as she is following. Today on a long beach hike. I noticed as soon as she saw strangers she stopped to look at me. She was waiting for me to tell her to follow. Why can't I be that perceptive when she is on sheep? After we pass the people, she is ready to zoom down the beach like a rocket. So I need to change up things before saying, "that'll do." She has already fallen into a pattern. It didn't take very long. Just think how quickly they fall into a pattern when you let them do something wrong on livestock. Holy moly.....I don't think I care to think about that. I just wish I could be a little more intuitive with her when she is on sheep.

Yoko and Jet "We're having fun now."

"How far are you digging Pop?"

"Just far enough to put my head in this hole."

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