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Monday, June 6, 2011

Journal eight at the beach

I'm sitting in my trailer having a glass of Clos Du Bois Merlot and eating Trader Joe's Honey Mustard and Onion pretzel pieces, munster cheese slices and sweet pickle slices. Trouble is sleeping. Amazing. That 3 mile beach walk knocked her out. I can barely believe it. But. With each crunch, nary an eye is opening! And dinner is an hour late. As a good friend of mine would say.......unfuckingbelievable. This JRT can hear you put a Q-tip in your ear :0)

Old Jet is sleeping. He missed the steps after hiking coming into the trailer and did a back flip. I felt so badly for him. His eyesight is not what it used to be. He is coming 11 and Xena , the lab, her eyesight is not what it used to be either. Both can hear a pin drop. Even more necessary for me to trade in my truck in for a van. We ain't getting any younger. Jet can still jump 3 plus feet into my truck on a good day, but I have to lift the 50 something pound lab. I'm not getting any younger either. I'm thinking a used van with just two seats in the front so I can throw a mattress and a couple of crates in the back. Sounds good to me. I really don't need fancy. I like my little 16 foot trailer, but it's truthfully more than I want. I will try to sell it this summer. It"s not gas efficient to pull for long hauls like I do for trialing, but very workable for the right person.

I love our big toy hauler. It fits us and all 5 dogs easily. It is wonderful. I have it half paid for now and that's even more wonderful. :0)  I'm hanging on to it. Well, time for me to feed the mutts and take my chair to the beach to watch the sunset. Does it get any better than this?

I'm almost done with my book.....Miles To Go.....I'm really enjoying it.

A cave on the beach


Now this presents a dilemma for Trouble (NOT a water dog)

"I might get  my cordura coat wet...UGH"

"I like this better...when Wayne carries me!"


Erin O said...

I purchased a used Chevy Astro van that was part of a fleet. It was well taken care of with only 70,000 miles on a 10 ear old car for 3500 bucks. I love it! I can fit 4 300 sized dog crates in it easy, I could fit 7 if I were to stack them. I bought a dining room table and cut the legs down so 2 of the crates just fit under it and I just throw my thermorest(2) on top of the table. It was the biggest I could get and still have decent gas mileage( aprox 22mpg). I still have to drive it back and forth to the sheep for training. I would have gone a little bigger if I only had to drive it to trials. It works great for 2 or 3 nights. It is a comfortable drive with cruise control. All the windows are tinted so it stays pretty cool inside. I love it and hopefully in 7-10 years when it needs replaced the Dodge Sprinters of the same size will be more affordable. Sadly Chevy doesn't make the Astro any more. I had a friend that was looking into a Ford Transit, but that maybe a little smaller then what you want.

gvmama said...

Thanks Erin.....I'm a looking :0)