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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Group of Clowns

All of these dogs know how to put rings on a pole.  They were just having so much fun being all together today.  I loved it.  Plus, you can really see their individual personalities.
Bob Singer's Jeddie is the first dog and he politely walks over and puts the ring on the pole.  Next up is Bart, the big handsome BC with the prick ears. .  He has a little fun showing off and then "rights the pole."    He is  as big a clown as Kilt.   Next is goof girl herself, Kilt.  She can't wait to show off for her friends.  When it's Yoko's turn she becomes very serious and methodically puts the ring on the pole.  She doesn't want to be wrong.  Last up is Jet.  Jet is the master of the rings, but you would never know it watching this video. Jet is a weave pole maniac.  The weave poles are only a few feet from the pole he is supposed to put the ring on.  He freezes.  He can only focus on the weaves.

Four very GOOD boys


Anonymous said...

This had me cracking up. Enjoyed it a ton. Jet, hilarious.


Karen said...

They have some fun, those dogs:)!