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Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 day vacation

Sunday I plan on watching the live Bluegrass finals on my computer.  We'll see if we can rig it to my girlfriend's big screen TV.  It's supposed to be misty, rainy, anyways.

Monday morn I am taking off to Jalama beach up north.  There is nothing I like more than camping at the beach, taking my dogs on long strolls, making huge roaring fires, reading books, and just being a bum.  My husband is taking the trailer up on Sunday night for me.  He will join me next Friday/Sat/Sun.

So my blog may not be up and running for a few days or so.  I'm sure I'll bring back some beach photos to share.

Here they all are, all 9 of them, sheared.  That's Buffy, my yearling on the right.  She's a monster ewe.  I should have made Blackie a pet.  I wished I had done agility with her.  She is so friendly.  She always gives me a nose nudge.  We didn't shear the Barbs.  They are fine without a haircut.

I love how Chris did their tails.  He left them "fly swatters."  :0)

Yoko is pretty comfortable putting them away and taking them out of the barn with a few whistles from me up at the house.  I don't have to be in the pen with her anymore.

I tried to get towards the front of Kilt so you could see her expression.  There is a reason stock fear her.  I think I can safely say....."if looks could kill."  Not exactly what I need for field trials.


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Karen said...

Have a great week on the beach:)