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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You have to picture this....

Don't tell anyone

I normally have Yoko tend my sheep on our acreage (all 3 acres on a mountain).  Yo knows the sheep inside and out and the sheep know Yo. Yesterday, I decided to have Jet watch the sheep graze while I washed Yoko on the picnic table down by my roses.  As soon as I called Yoko over to get on the table, I gave Jet a command to get around the backside of the sheep.  You would have thought the sheep had seen a ghost.  They were standing on their tippy toes facing Jet.  Geeez.....I was thinking...Hey, it's only Jet!  I obviously have spoiled my sheep with Yoko.  Finally, they settled and I began sudsing up Yoko on the picnic table.  I still could see some of the sheep, so I knew Jet was in the vicinity, hopefully, keeping an eye on the nine sheep, 4 adults and 5 yearlings.
Next thing I know Jet is bringing me the sheep.  I'm not sure what he is doing and then, I count.  EIGHT sheep, not NINE?  Where is the smallest yearling Barb?  "JET?  Look back," I yell with authority.  With that he takes off down the property.  He doesn't come back.  I'm starting to get a bit PO'ed at this point.  I still have Yoko all suds up'ed.  I tell Yoko to stay and I go for a walk down the hill to see where Jet might be and where oh where is the little (may I add, stupid) barb?  I find Jet at the lower gate of the sheep pen.  No barb?  I say with authority (again), "Find her."  Jet starts up along the back side of the pen.  I don't see any lamb in the vicinity.  Jet it's one thing to be old, but you're not exactly what I would call dumb, I'm thinking.
I probably take the dumb prize.  Here comes Yoko up over the hill with soap suds flying, mud caked on her legs and a grin from ear to ear.  She pens all NINE of the sheep.  Where was the lamb?  I'll never know.  But, I do know that Yoko knew!
Unfortunately, for Yo, her reward was to go back up the hill and get re-hosed down and finish her bath.  And, Jet...just for looking stupid, you're getting a bath, too.


Karen said...

Yep, you never have a camera in a situation like that:)
Yoko was put out that Jet was doing HER job!

gvmama said...

Absolutely. Yoko takes her "jobs"..well, actually "everything" very seriously. Jet is at that "I don't care that much age" and Kilt is always, "I'm doing it my way." Love all 3! So very different.