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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The fishermen are home

I gave Wayne my pocket camera and said, "take pictures."  I knew I would be lucky if he took any pictures!  He actually took about 12 photos.  I was amazed.  John (Melodie Sudick's husband) and Wayne, my husband, ventured out on a fishing trip to the Isabella Trout Derby where the trout were tagged with $$$.  Both men are work-a-holics, so it was nice to see them actually get away for a few days.

Lake Isabella is in Kern County.  The lake itself is pretty barren...like nothing there.  When you travel on up the road you get to the Kern River and everything becomes quite scenic.  Follow the Kern River upstream and you start hiking into the giant Sequoias.  But, Lake Isabella is pretty non-scenic and the winds can rage in the afternoon.

The boys didn't exactly have a bass boat to fish in....LOL  But, John's 502 red and white racing boat I'm sure provided them with plenty of enjoyment.  Wayne took our toy hauler for the two of them to camp out in.  All was not bad. :0)

Here is John at the helm.  Looks a bit choppy on the lake.  Wayne said in the late afternoons it was like being out on the ocean.

I don't think anyone took pictures on day one.  They were having too much fun.  Saturday they caught OVER twenty trout.  Unfortunately, none of them had money tags.  Four got away before they netted them.  I'm sure they were the money fish. :0)  John must have forgotten his hat, because I do believe that's one of my Border Collie hats he is wearing.  I think both forgot to put on their SUNSCREEN that Mel and I most assuredly packed for them.  Men!

When Wayne told me he caught a 4 lb. trout, I told him he had better have a picture.  This is day two, and their luck turned around.  They only caught a  few crappie, one trout, and the large mouth bass that Wayne is holding up.   There was a full moon Saturday night, so Wayne feels the fish fed all night during the moonlight.  They must have been sleeping on Sunday.

Better luck next year guys. Maybe John and Wayne will make this an annual event.  I hope so.  It was nice to see the guys get away for a few days.  All work and no play....well, you know how it goes.  At least they will have some NEW stories to tell!

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