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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tabletop SDT

Okay, I have been sooooo depressed over my herniated cervical disc.  The pain between my shoulder blades running down my left arm to the top of my hand has really put a damper on my "goals."  I have been feeling a tad better...pain has gone from a sobbing 10 to an irritating 8.  Motrin seems to work the best.  I have tried everything (trust me).

Anyway, I was thinking about scratching from my scheduled Colorado trials.  I had planned on hauling my trailer.  I just put a newly rebuilt tranny in my Avalanche, so it should be able to make it.  But, can I make it?
I'm thinking it just might be a bit too much by myself with two dogs.

Then, a notice came on Sheepdog-L about a room available at a B&B next to the trial field at the week long Colorado trial.  I called and the room was still available.  I reserved the room.  My dogs are happy in my truck.  If it's cold, the owner of the B&B said they could stay in her heated garage.  She serves a full breakfast.  The only drawback is that I would be sharing a bathroom with a man.  Modesty has never been a virtue with me. :0)  I will be sharing a bathroom with Alan Mills. I have never met Alan.  Though, I watched him run and place well with Sis at the Klamath Falls Nationals several years ago.  I'm glad I called. I'm glad I got a room.

This gives me something to look forward to other than surgery.  I will try physical therapy, traction, and keep popping antacids while taking the Motrin. Lifting patients does a number on your spinal column.  Anyway, I'm the type of person that needs to have goals.  I can see the forest through the trees now.  Life is good.

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