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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jet and Kilt and Lambs

Jet working the lambs.  Lambmaster Jet.

Jet moving them along.

Ram lamb standing Jet off.  Jet is a wonderful dog, but if he had more "Kahunas" he would be a sensational dog.   My girls would not take any crap off a ram lamb.  I want a dog that if I send them up a mountain to bring home sheep, they better take care of all confrontations, because I'm not walking up the mountain to help them. :0)  But, on the other hand, Jet is a natural outrunner and has finesse like none other.

Mr. finesse, himself.

Enters Kilt, smiling ear to ear.  Lambs are already thinking, gotta get a move on.

Kilt scooping up the lambs.

Kilt can almost walk in amongst the lambs. Reason being, is because she is so confident with her skills. 
She was fabulous with the lambs.

Get along little doggies

"This one is for my boyfriend, Jet"  That ram needed an ass kicking.

Kilt relaxing, tending sheep.  What a good girl she is.

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Karen said...

Laughed at the caption for the second to last picture:) Good girl Kilt!