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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Staying focused

Think how hard it is to stay focused in a one minute agility run with stationary obstacles.  I watch people outside of the agility ring meditating, going over the course in their minds before running.  You have to make split decisions because of the speed in which things happen.
Now think about sheepdog trailing.  You have your dog, stationary obstacles, AND livestock to contend with.  Your time is usually 6-7 minutes for pro-novice and 8-12 minutes for open.  You're not sure how your dog will react to the stock and visa-versa.  It's hard to keep your head in the game for that amount of time.  At least, it is for me. 
I have noticed after the outrun, lift, fetch, first drive panel, crossdrive, I start to fizzle out.  I need to keep in the game.  I give up lots of drive points on the last leg of the drive from the crossdrive to the pen.  I get lackadaisical.
I also keep forgetting that after the shed to get my sheep back together in the shed ring before going to the pen.  I have been trialing in open for 2 years now.  You would think that would come naturally.  But, it doesn't.  I have to THINK about it.
I'm careful to watch the runs before me and get a handle on how I think the sheep are working.  But, I see I need to be more focused.  I need to keep my head in the game.  It ain't over till it's over. :0)


Karen said...

Aren't we all hoping that this memorization/concentration is going to help us ward off alzheimers and dementia?:)

gvmama said...

LOL...Hope so.