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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Health

Everyday I pray for good health, for me, my husband, my family, and friends, and my "dogs."   This month I witnessed Jet with hematuria (bloody urine).  I had noticed he was squatting like he had to poop and didn't do anything.  He felt a bit bloated.  I took him to my local Vet whom I really appreciate for his advise.  But, his treatment plan left something to be desired plus his equipment is a bit archaic.  I took Jet for a 2nd opinion.  I already knew Jet had an enlarged prostate.  He was diagnosed with BPH (Benign prostate hypertrophy), prostatitis and a  UTI (urinary tract infection.)  They cathed him, ultra sounded his pelvic area and did a digital x-ray.  Got to LOVE those digital x-rays!  They put him on Baytril (antibiotic) and Torbutrol for pain.  The bloody urine cleared in a couple of days.  After 10 days, he looks to be normal.  The only disconcerting thing to me was that his bladder showed up brightly on the digital x-ray.  That is a bit unusual.  I do know of a BC that had transitional cell bladder Ca.  So, we will keep an eye on him.  May have to neuter him if things worsen again.  Getting old isn't for sissies.

Then, Trouble lost some weight quickly.  Trouble is a food hound.  We have to count her kibble for dinner.  We did note that she got into some scat (wild animal poop) and had a bout of diarrhea for 4 days.  It probably contained some berries and seeds that didn't agree with her.  Then I noted she was getting up out of our bed to pee about 3 times during the night.  That was very unusual.  As a nurse, my first thought was diabetes.  Though, she wasn't drinking a lot during the day and she was peeing like normal.  I have always wanted to check her thyroid since she is COLD all of the time.  Trouble has about 10 different coats in her wardrobe.  She is a sun worshipper.  I asked her breeder in Oregon how her Jacks handled the cold there.  She said, "No problem.  I throw a little straw in their igloos and they are fine."  Good thing Trouble came to So. California.  She wouldn't be fine with a little straw in her igloo.  Long story short, we took her to the Vet and paid big $$ to have her tested for everything.  She is PERFECTLY healthy and is at her fighting weight of 10 lbs. 4 ounces.  Okay....at least we have peace of mind.

Now, I'm a wreck.  I have had a blissful year of great health.  I am so thankful! My cancer is in remission and I haven't had any spinal problems.  I'm a nurse and I have bulging discs everywhere.  I have been told I have needed surgery many times and have fooled the ortho docs.  I do have a high pain tolerance.  But, my gig may be up. I have a cervical disc giving me great pain.  MRI to be done this week.  I'm trying a little of everything, muscle relaxants, Neurontin, hanging upside down on my slant board. The world looks so nice upside down.  Plus, all my dogs lick my face when I'm in that position.  I'm still going to work which has my primary doctor distraught.  Hey, you can't hold a good woman down.  It ain't over till it's over.  :0)

Remember      "Good health is your best asset.   To be happy is the greatest wealth."


Karen said...

Glad the dogs are okay, but now it's time to focus on yourself.
Just curious, do you use a chiropractor at all?
People seem to either love them or want to have nothing to do with them...
(I'm on the 'love them' team)

gvmama said...

Accupuncture.....me and the dogs :0)