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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The ANAYA five

FOUR bitches and ONE male dog EQUALS pure LOVE and AFFECTION in our house.  Either we have been blessed or something along those lines. ALL of our dogs have such distinct individual personalities and ALL of our dogs LOVE one another in their own way.  It's really quite something to watch them interact.  And, we have some STRONG personalities in the group. 
XENA....well, the Bean is the most laid back Labrador anyone could have.  I'd have another couple dozen just like her.  We absolutely ADORE her.  The other four dogs WORSHIP her.  Trouble and Xena are inseparable, most likely. because they kennel together.  I work 12 hours shifts, so when I work, they are in their kennels at least for 10 hour days or more until Wayne gets home.  Jet still plays with Xena like a puppy.  They are the best of buds.  Kilt and Yoko worship their ELDER.....they give her anything she wants and constantly clean her eyes and give up their most wanted spots to lie down.
Next comes the ONLY male, Jet.  Jet wouldn't bother a flea.  Yoko and Kilt like to tease him. He tolerates them.  Xena is his best bud.  Trouble and he sometimes rock and roll before dinner time on the floor nipping at each other and having a love fest.
Next in line is Trouble who is coming 9 yrs. of age this May.  No one bothers Trouble.  Trouble can hang on a Border Collie's cheek and rough house with the best of them.  The Border Collie girls are "pressured" by Trouble.  Sometimes Trouble can move them across the room just by showing up in their eyesight.  Trouble has magical powers over the Border Collie "girls."  And, she knows it :0)
Kilt...Ahhhh you KILT.  Kilt is all about GAME-ON with stock and with her dog friends.  I have NEVER been the leader and I'm no slouch when it comes to dog training.  Jet when he's had ENOUGH of Kilt will pin her on the ground.  I just saw him do it the other day.  I APPLAUDED..  Kilt is known to be a trickster and is very RUDE at times to the other dogs.  She gets away with it, because in the next minute she is throwing a toy in  the air.  She's a hard act to follow.
Last, but not least, YOKO.  ONO Yoko!  Yo is the HAPPIEST dog on earth.  She lives to CUDDLE.  She smiles from ear to ear.  She likes to do ANYTHING with me.  But, she LOVES Wayne and my grandson just as much.  She ADORES all of her friends.  I can't help, but ADORE her. ALL of the other dogs LOVE her.  Everyone LOVES Yoko.  Especially, Trouble.  They are the BEST of buds.
So, when I hear that other people have difficulties (spats and fights) among their kennel dogs, I am so thankful that we have such a delightful group of dogs.  Our dogs have been the greatest gift in life to us.  I can't imagine life without them.  I don't even like to think about it.  The ANAYA FIVE....the absolute BEST!

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Karen said...

You are blessed with that lovely group:)
Oh gawd, every time you write about Kilt...well shades of Luna....
She's rude, gets away with it, usually, but Jake occasionally will pin her if she gets too rough.
And then she's tossing a toy around, which I find so cute, because Calli just carries them, and Jake thinks you MUST throw it.