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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goats loading up to go home

This short movie was taken at the Porterville fun trial.  Mike Cannaday brought some 80 or so goats up to the Oxford ranch for their fun trial.  The goats worked very nicely.  If your dog was wimpy, the goats laughed at him, and if you put too much pressure on them they would jump over the fence.  I enjoy working goats.

It was a beautiful day and I met an old friend whom I hadn't seen in ages....agility Steve.  We used to do agility together.  Steve is now thinking of buying a working BC and doing a bit of herding.

A nice novice class turn-out.

Joan's Britt/Buzz pup (Jax) reacting to the commotion in the exhaust pen.

Yoko just hanging out watching all of the goings on.  In the morning she got to take the whole flock to the set out pens and ride the ATV back.  She liked that.  But, on her run, her nose went to the ground when she should have been lifting her sheep.  She's been a bit odd of late showing some avoidance behavior.  I think she needs a break.  I scratched her from Zamora.  She appears relaxed before her run, but as soon as I stand up to go to the post, she starts whining and gets really tense.  Not sure what is going on in her head.  I knew she probably would never make an open dog, but I'm unsure of this new behavior.  She is an outrunning fool and can outrun with the best of the open dogs, but for some reason she is stressing. She doesn't like to walk into pressure.  Maybe, it's just as simple as that.  Funny, because she can out bluff confronting sheep with the best of dogs.  She is just lacking confidence.  I think we will work on agility for awhile.   O No Yoko.  Still love her bunches. :0)

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Karen said...

A double decker goat bus!
Maybe we're going to see some agility posts:)