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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another WHACK at the hill

Here's the forecast for ZAMORA.    RAIN and more RAIN.   
Glad I have a hotel room!  I leave tomorrow on Thursday (6 hour) drive and come home on Tuesday.  There is no place on the grounds to park trailers in the mud.  There is a trailer park nearby.  But, there is also, a newly rennovated Motel 6 (all one ground level) within 15 min. of the trial location.  And, a gas station and a family restaurant with family type cooking with a bar next to the hotel.  Bingo....I'll be there!
Plus, I packed my ipad.  I know I get ATT at the hotel, so I'll be able to get on line.  I have also packed bath oils and all the toiletries I could possibly find.  I usually don't have "time" for myself, but at this trial and staying at the hotel....time is on my side. :0)  I foresee a nightly tub soak with candles after a day at the trial in the rain. I might be able to read a whole book while I am there.
The open classes are Fri/Sat/Sun.  Pro-novice is on Monday.  Range ewes will be used.  Kilt will be happy.  I love going to the post with Kilt.  I just wish she was a bit less pushy and a bit more thoughtful.  But, it ain't gonna happen.  At least, not with me as her handler.  I'm not sure Yoko will be happy with range sheep.  But, we will  "try." 
We are expecting SNOW at home on Friday, so it's a good thing I will be leaving on Thursday.  I hear there is nothing more miserable than Zamora in the rain.  haha  I am packing all the rain gear/boots I own.  I don't have a good rain hat,though....a rain visor and a hood will have to suffice.  The judge is Patrick Shannahan whom I purchased Jet from over 10 years ago.  Patrick also won the nationals with a half brother of Jet's this last year. 
Not that I have to worry about who the judge is.  My worry is Kilt climbing to the top of the hills to find the sheep.  There is no worse feeling than knowing you don't have a dog with enough power to move anything.  Thankfully, I can walk to the post with 100% confidence with Kilt in that category.  Finesse is not Kilt's middle name, but dang it all, not many at the post will top her as a ranch dog!
Planning on having some fun....Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise!

UPDATE....Only going to trial Kilt in Open.  Leaving Yo at home.  Yoko doesn't run until late Monday.  Kilt runs Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon.  No use spending money like I'm rich. :0) for 2 more nights waiting for Yoko to run.


Karen said...

Yeah really, that would be a lot of money to spend for one class that you aren't even sure she will be happy participating in.
Enjoy yourself, and your long soaks after the wet days:)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Good luck and hope to read of your success! Wish I was going...