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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland

A Border Collie paradise.  Jet, Kilt, and Yoko couldn't wait to be outside in the snow.

Yoko peeking out the front door in the morning.  "May I come out to play?"

The view off our front porch was pretty spectacular this morning.

Wayne was up early mucking the sheep barn.  The sheep haven't come out yet.

Just a look through one of our Manzanita trees up towards our back porch.

The last bit of fall leaves against the snow


Karen said...

I know it's a stereotype, but when I think of California I think of warmth and sun!
Definitely a lovely view. I always like how the snow, if it isn't too heavy, brings out more definition on the hillsides. The red leaves look really nice.

Emma Rose said...

Gorgeous! We are so jealous :)