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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Note to self

      NEVER put raincoat on sheepdog 

Sheep ran half a mile before they stopped.  Yoko never knew she had such presence.  It was pouring the morning I took this photo.  Normally, Yoko takes the sheep out of the barn, out the gate, and tends them while they graze and I muck their barn.  Normally, she doesn't wear a raincoat, but this morning it was POURING.  Yoko went into the barn to take them out and the sheep nearly killed themselves plowing out the barn door.  They ran the full length of the property up the mountain before stopping. 
I'm sure Yoko was thinking, "Wow...wonder what got into them?"  And, as a friend reminded me......
Poncho=Horse=Spook.  hahahaha   I'm not sure what my sheep thought, but they weren't sticking around to find out what that thing in the yellow slicker was. 
So I'm thinking, if your dog doesn't have much presence, put a shortened version of a yellow rain slicker on him.  I bet those sheep will really move off your dog.  LOL  Have a great day.  And, a dry one at that!

       Sheep on the outside looking in


Karen said...

Isn't it amazing what difference a coat can make, and that one would be extra scary!
Even Luna's more fitted one has the sheep acting like she is some totally terrifying black, white and blue monster.
I could just see your sheep running like their lives depended on it:)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I spilled my coffee laughing so hard....this is a riot!