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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Border Collie fun

This was last year's big snow.  Looking forward to another good snowstorm this year. :0)  I would rather have the 12 inches of snow for Christmas rather than the 12 inches of rain we are having right now before Christmas!  I know we need rain, but this is ridiculous. 

FINALLY...... a break in the rain.  I took the dogs over to Task Farms to work some sheep.  Kilt, is the Duracell BC...she just keeps on going and going.  There is no end to the energy this bitch has.  While working her on 5 sheep in a pasture, a big old Angus calf came over to bother her.  Here's when I wish I had a movie camera with me or better yet, someone else filming her.  She hit that steer on the nose, started back on her sheep, swung back around, hit him on the nose again, started back on her sheep, and in another nano second, did a pirouette in the air to hit that steer one MORE time on the nose.  OMG, I laughed so hard tears were coming down my face.
Kilt may never be a good trial dog (all push and shove), but I'm a telling you this...NO ONE has a better ranch dog than this bitch.  She is something else.  Kilt is worth her weight in gold.

Now you all know, I have said more than once, that I'm not sure how much talent Yoko has for sheep.  I think I better bite my tongue.  She is really coming along now.  Either that,  or I'm not a half bad trainer. :0)  I like a lot of the stuff she is doing now.  She has Jet's finesse with half of her mother's grit.  It may turn out to be the perfect combination for trialing.   Yoko is really coming along with her driving.  I wish I was more consistent with her.  She is starting to enjoy shedding.  When I say "pen them" Yoko knows exactly what I mean and is ON IT.  I usually don't have to say a word.  Plus, she looks like a million dollars working two sheep or a single.  I'm interested in seeing how she does next year.  I hope she won't be too over faced with the range ewes at Jennifer's trial in a few weeks.  Time will tell.

And, Jet...well, he just has a grand time getting out.  He got to work today, too.  He shows up the girls all of the time.  He has just the right touch on his sheep.  If he had the kahunas to back things up when the going gets tough, he would be phenomenal.  He's pretty phenomenal in my book anyway. :0)


Karen said...

I clicked on that snow picture at the top of your post to see it bigger, and it is just beautiful!! I would have that one framed:)

gvmama said...

Thanks karen. Maybe, I will do that!

Erin O said...

Young dogs. Just blink and they are different.