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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yoko on sheep watch

 The sheep live on about 1/3 an acre with their own barn.  It is on a hillside and difficult to get any work done. That's why we trailer them to the desert in the winter months. Once in awhile I let the sheep out at our home when I see green grass and Yoko watches them while they graze. We live on about 3 acres and our only real neighbor has untrained dogs and a cow.  I can only let the sheep out when her dogs are locked up by her house. Yoko does an excellent job tending.  She is shown above by one of the pine trees keeping an eye on them.

Yoko watching the whole flock.  Palomino in the foreground.  Yoko won't let them go any further down the road to the busy street.  She will keep them on our acreage.  She understands her job.

Nine sheep butts happy to be out of their enclosure to nibble grass next to my neighbor's fence.

 The sheep are interested in the cow next door.  Several stopped by to say hello to her.

Look how mature Yoko looks now.  She will 3 yrs. old on my birthday in January.

                                             Blackbelly barb lambs looking mighty cute.

 The cow is thankful for visitors.  It must get terribly lonely being the only cow.

Our property and agility ring are up the hill and to the left.  We have no neighbors on our other side, just national forest..  Yoko is bringing the sheep back down the road to pen them for the night.  Our sheep spend the night in an enclosed barn.   Look at Palomino, the only wether, and the guardian of the flock, off to the left in the photo.  He's a character.

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