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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dunnigan Hills (Bill Berhow's trial)

First of all folks......I have to make quite a few sacrifices to attend these big trials.  I had to work back to back 12 hour shifts, the 1st in ICU and the 2nd as charge in the ICU step down unit.  Then I had to say "Hail Mary" 100 times and call in sick for Sunday.  I left at 9:15 pm Sat. night after arriving home from work.  It looked dry out and I didn't want to hit snow over the grapevine.  So, I threw everything together, got my 2 dogs, and was on my way.  Nuts?  Yeah.....I think so.
It took me 6 hrs. 15 min. to get to the Motel 6 in Zamora.  They lost my first night reservation.  They put me up in another hotel that was built in 1910, I'm sure.  And, of course, on the 2nd floor.  It is now 4 a.m.  At least I don't run in open until the end of the day.  I get already for bed and the toilet won't stop running, plus, the refrigerator doesn't work.  I call the front desk and they move me in my PJ's and my 2 dogs to another room.  I sleep till 10 am.  I get up and make sure I have a decent room for the next 2 days.  They are very kind even though I was not exactly kind to them at 4 am .  They put me in the best room they had.  Off to the trial.  I packed enough wet weather stuff for a MONSOON.  It never rained during the trial.  Thank-you weather Gods.

This is the trial field.  NIRVANA!  This is what I LOVE about USBCHA.
I think that is a Meteor hole in the field.  That's what it looked like to me.

 I ask where the set out is and I'm told it was to the left of the hill.  I like to know.  Because it makes a difference to me sometimes which way I am sending my open dog.  The sheep sat right on top of the ridge.  Either way you send, your dog is gone for a long time from your view.  LOVE it!
I sent Kilt right and she went way wide.  It wasn't very long before she was out of my view and I had to
w-a-i-t.   I waited and waited...counted to 20 and waited a bit more.  Finally, I blew a "peep-peep."  I waited a little longer and blew another "peep-peep."  Mind you I have full trust that Kilt will find her sheep.  My worries are that she will find the set-out and bring me ALL of the sheep!  Finally, she surfaces on the hill in front of the set-out. stands tall, sees me at the post (I'm sure she must have winked) and looked over to her left and saw her sheep.  She back tracked without crossing over, got behind her sheep and laid down on her own.  Got up and did a beautiful job bringing them straight through the fetch panels.  I could have gone to heaven right there and then!  Her drive was gorgeous and I was just a bit high to the crossdrive and missed the panels.  Maybe I can blame it on sleep deprivation.  All I know was I was ecstatic with my dog. :0)

 Folks from Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, etc.  came.  See the post?  Your sheep come straight up the hill to the post...like almost a 90 degree uphill climb.  If the handler steps back a few feet or moves to the pen, he cannot see the sheep or his dog.  How cool is that? 
The pen was sitting on a slant.  As soon as you open the pen, the pen gate would fall inward...just to rattle you (as if you weren't rattled already). :0)

Check out the HUGE crossdrive.  Kilt was FABULOUS.  We didn't place, but I think that was as lovely as she has ever worked on a course that size.  I'm a telling you...she had steak for dinner!  She actually timed out at the pen and if you know Kilt, you can't even believe that.  That was a 1st!  Kilt walked that whole drive and crosssdrive taking every little quarter flank I gave her.  I never had to use my voice.  I can go to heaven now.  Amen.  I was so thrilled with her.  I broke down and cried.   David Rees came up to me the next day and told me what a lovely dog he thought she was.  Placement didn't mean anything.  I actually saw Kilt give it her all with the tiniest peeps of my whistle.  The nice thing about this course (even with blowing winds) the dogs could hear very well.  Maybe it was the "bowl" effect?

Yeah...go ahead and give me your goofy grin, Kilt.  You were also pretty darn pleased with yourself.


Karen said...

Awwww, sweet! Good girl Kilt:)

gvmama said...

Thanks Karen. I don't think there is any sweeter satisfaction than to be able to reap the rewards of one's own hard work. A labor of love. There is nothing like seeing your dog take off on a huge outrun, watching and waiting. I can't explain it. Exhilerating!