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Monday, November 22, 2010


Who really gives a flying rat's ass as to which organization you enjoy trialing in?  Not me, that's fer sure.  I am so tired of people getting on other people's cases for trialing in AKC.  It really peeves me.  A trial is a trial is a trial.  If it has sheep and is fairly local, I will be entering.  The day that I buy a dog from someone who dictates what and where I will trial my dog, shoot me.  I have lost my mind.

Yes, I understand the AKC battle because they are a registry that promotes conformation dogs.  And, it is your right not to enter their herding trials.   I have no problem with your thinking and I have no problem with you not entering.  What I have a problem with is your bad mouthing those that do enter.

Life is short folks.  Enjoy.  My dogs can outrun a mile, but I still enjoy trialing in AKC.  I like the small field trials and the arena certainly puts a whole new meaning to the word "pressure" on a dog. :0)   My favorite trials are AHBA "ranch" trials.  Plus, I enjoy many of the USBCHA trials or I wouldn't go to them.  You have the same few "stinky" people at the USBCHA trials as you do at an AKC trial.  Trust me.

It's all about your attitude.  I go to team up with my dogs and try not to let anyone rain on my parade.  There...I have spoken my piece.  Now you know when they handed me the 'mike' at my 25th nursing anniversary at the hospital, why Human Resources was thrilled that I was at a loss for words. :0)


Karen said...

Well that last sentence made me laugh:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. Totally and completely agree.