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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yo's bro, Mo, at the Vashon Classic SDT

Photos of Walk-Up Moses at the Vashon sheepdog trial.  I'm going to guess these pictures were taken by Bonnie Block because they are so nice and in a series. 
 Here Moses is driving his range ewes, everything nice and orderly.

 Yoko is upright and Moses drives almost on his belly.  I got the sedan;  Jeanne got the Ferrari.

But, I have the Ferrari's sire, Jet, the Lamborghini  :0)

 Happy-go-lucky Moses still driving the three that are moving.  He's not watching Ms. Bad Ass.

  Ms. Bad Ass is watching "him" in disbelief.  She's thinking about kicking his novice butt.

"Here I come Big Boy.  Wipe that grin off your face."

Moses is a "man on the run"  Luckily, he out ran her. All's well that ends well.


Karen said...

Oh that's funny!

gvmama said...

In the photos Moses appears to be so happy driving those sheep that are moving right along. He'll be keeping a peripheral eye out from now on...best be assured :0)