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Monday, October 25, 2010

Trouble goes trialing

Trouble loves to go trialing.  It means F-O-O-D.  She can work a crowd like none other except for her huggable buddy, Yoko.  This is a pic of Yoko and Troubie looking out of the camper screen door.

 See how Trouble "roughs" it?  She is a princess.  She rules the roost.  She demands respect.

They don't come much cuter than Troubie.  She is pretty satiated and happy in this photo.  Obviously, she has conned every passer-by out of a treat or two.

She likes to be up high.  Especially because of those "pesky" Border Collies who find her so very intriguing.  This is Darby.  He couldn't take his eyes off her.  When Trouble was at ground level he would stalk her.  She puts up with only so much.  If Trouble feels threatened she will nip a Border Collie in a heartbeat. 

These two were ADORABLE.  This is Sally's Cash and Trouble getting to know each other.  When Trouble was on the floor, Cash followed her everywhere.  Trouble didn't find Cash threatening.  She found him amusing as long as he didn't get in her way of any treats that had dropped on the floor.

Trouble on the dining room table getting people's attention.  "Oh You Whooo...got a goodie for me?"
Trouble can sit up in a begging position for however long it takes to get someone to notice her.

Trouble pictured examining the crowd.  A "player" needs to know her cards.  Looks like a Full House here.
The "jackpot" is going to be good tonight.  :0)

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