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Friday, October 1, 2010


Yep, Thank God it's Friday.  It poured for about 30 min. last night wetting down the dust and dirt nicely.  Thank you Lord.  8 am and the sheep barn is cleaned, animals watered, poop picked up, trailer loaded.  All that is left is to wash the dogs and off to Leona Valley for a trial.  Yoko will get a couple of more attempts at competitive sheds.  Whoo hoo.  I'm so looking forward to taking the trailer over this afternoon and just having a blast with good friends.  Of course, I have some goals in mind for all 3 dogs.  My goal for Jet is to BEAT the girls!  My goal for Kilt is to take everything at a SLOW pace.  My goal for Yoko is to ENJOY herself.  Plus, I expect all 3 to get their sheds.  That means I have a GOAL for MYSELF.....to give them the correct assistance in setting up and accomplishing the shed.  Farm-flock sheds can be a bit difficult.
WISH us luck.    It looks like it will be a nice (hot) weekend.  :0)


Karen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Hope where you are going got some of that rain too:) (I always chuckle that you live in 'Green Valley')
Here's to goals accomplished!

gvmama said...

hahaha Green for these parts of So. California. Mountains instead of deserts. :0)