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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Upcoming trials

Thank goodness it's fall.  Though, we had a spectacularly cool summer, but,very few herding trials :0(
Oct 2/3 is an AKC trial on my home turf.  The trial is being held where I work my dogs. I put all 3 dogs in advanced B (field) and Yoko in advanced A (arena).  I will take my trialer over and have a blast.

I have to miss the fun trial in Porterville over the 9th and 10th, because of darn ol' work.

Then I'm taking off for Florida to visit Dad.  I will be there for 6 days in order to give my brother and his wife some respite and of course, to visit Pop.. :0)

Oct 23/24 Another fairly local AHBA trial.  Again I'm taking my trialer and plan on having a ton of fun.  And, we may even talk Wayne into trialing Jet in the ranch trial. 

Oct. 27-31 Elk Grove (5 1/2) hrs. away is a USBCHA sheep dog trial with a double lift.  I'm taking the girls and I'm taking the trailer on it's first long voyage.

Nov.6/7  USBCHA Lindsay trial.  Range ewes. Taking the trailer...only about 3 hrs. away.

Nov. 21/22  USBCHA Dunnigan Hills...about 6 hrs. away  Thinking about staying at motel for that one.
Plus, I'm going to have to call in sick at work.  Bummer. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Dec. 5/6  USBCHA Coalinga trial.   Range ewes. Yoko may not be ready for Coalinga, but going anyway.  4 hrs. away.

Dec. 31Jan 1/2   USBCHA in Campo.  Thankfully, I got the holidays off to go 4 hrs. away to this trial.  Of course, I'll have to work Christams Eve and Christmas to be able to go.  Sigh.

The things we do for love.

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Karen said...

Life is short, and as we get older we realize, yep, if you want to do those things, well, you've just got to do what it takes.