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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My very own TOY STORY

 This is the neat thing about coming home.....memories.  Above is my own secret wild kingdom.  I spent hours playing with these wooden animals.  I'd accidentally break them and my dogs would accidentally chew off ears, trumpets, etc., but my Dad would carefully reconstruct new parts for them.  What a cool Dad I have!

 This is my giraffe.  Quite a handsome guy.  He has original eyes, but he has new ears and horns.

 And, the hippo.  He weathered pretty fair.  I'm not sure anything had to be replaced on him.

 I always wondered about this guy.  He kind of looked like half poodle, half lion.  It wasn't one of my favorites, because I really wasn't sure about him..

 Oh, this most definitely was MY favorite.  The donkey.  See his lovely new ears.  Trust me, there is one on the other side of his head, too. The nice thing about these toys was that you could pose them.  They even had movable pasterns.(ankles for those of you that don't know what pasterns are)

 Oh, and Mr. Elephant.  My dogs loved to chew on his ears.  Pop had to replace his ears quite often.  I see he also has a new end to his trumpet!  The tusks were a "late add-on" by my Dad. ;0)

You can see how happy my donkey is to see me.  He's so glad I came to visit.

 And, Mr. Giraffe, I love your new horns.  They look positively fabulous on you.

Here's my wild kingdom.  Hours and hours of playtime.  Now it appears to me that they are rather sad. I know they are happy when I come to visit, because even at 60 yrs. of age, I still love to get them out and pose them. I only have one son and one grandson. Neither are good about caring for animals, live or otherwise.  I understand that they are a bit worn, broken down, and unsteady on their feet.  But, what shall I do with them?

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