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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lucky Ewe Ranch Trial

 A few winners pictured from day one.  Yoko is filling in for her "lame" mother, Kilt who was HIT in the first ranch trial.  Erin Swanson and Lark were RHIT.  I believe Sally was HIT in HTAD and Jean Singer with Tug was RHIT.  In the 2nd ranch trial on Sunday Lark was HIT and if I remember correctly Sally's Babe was RHIT.  Ken Dugan was the judge on Saturday.

Dr. Bob Shooley and my husband, Wayne....off to work on electrical stuff.  Wayne is an electrical genius, so when he is around he works on everyone's trailers, gates, golf carts, etc.  Gee, I wish he would do that at our house....LOL.

The Saturday trials are over.  Erin has decided it is "party time."  Let the fun begin!

 Yoko NEVER forgets her friends.  She insists on a HUG from all of them.  She has a special place in her heart for Erin.  Yoko is NOT friendly to everyone.  She truly is an oddball.

 This is Jean and Kathy.  Kathy usually prepares the fabulous meals.  Jean is quite the barbecuer.

 Yoko has her "crazy eye" look.  She is thinking about biting this dog staring at her.  She thought better of it.
They both went on their separate ways. :0)

Ahhhhhhhhh.  Kilt is splinted (she hurt her toe) after taking HIT in the first ranch trial.  Trouble is keeping her company, at least for awhile.

Unretouched sunrise in the "high desert" at the Lucky Ewe Ranch.  Magnificent.

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Karen said...

Lovely results, lovely dogs, lovely sunset! Hope Kilt heals quickly.