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Friday, September 3, 2010

Pleasanton Scottish Games

I hope we don't fry in the heat. The Pleasanton Scottish games are the biggest in America. The stockdog trial is under a covered arena. Obstacles and time are the name of the game. Cash awards. There is an intermediate and an advanced trial. Jet and Kilt are entered in advanced class. They have had in the past stock trailers to load the sheep into, bridges to navigate, maltese crosses, and jumps to jump the sheep over. Very fun.

It's right next to the main arena that is a horse race track with a huge stadium. This is where they do the caber toss, shoot off canons, etc. It's a good thing to crate your dog here! The cool thing is that Yo was put on a waiting list and the run order just came out. Yoko made it into the intermediate class. Intermediate is twice as big as the advanced class. There are 26 entries. There are only 12 in the advanced. Interesting. Several in the advanced class have made the national finals, so there will be good competition.

I threw in three crates, because this is a stressful event for the dogs. The camping is asshole to bellybutton with lots of whiskey drinkers. Cannons are going off and bagpipes shrieking. I brought a clicker and a ton of treats. Trouble the JRT is not going to be a happy camper this trip. Xena the lab would have loved the cannons, but I didn't have enough room for her. I just dropped her off at Melodie's where she is visiting with her and her dogs for the holiday. I'm sure Mel will take her to the park. Xena will love that.

We are ready. The trailer is ready. I'm about to embark on my first voyage with my new 16 foot travel trailer. Wayne is my co-pilot. I may have to put duct tape over his mouth. Wayne gave me a spare tire cover that says "Life is Good," and I've got my key start Yamaha 3000 generator bolted to the back rack and I have an electric hitch. Pretty fancy. Off we go. It's a 5 1/2 hr. drive, but I'm looking forward to it (the trial), not the drive. :0)

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Karen said...

Have a safe drive, great runs, and be nice to Wayne because you want him to video your runs:)