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Sunday, September 5, 2010


It's interesting to me that in knowing how tough Kilt is, how snarky Kilt can be to outside dogs, how independent she is and downright rude at times, she isn't that way with her daughter at all.
Kilt absolutely adores Yoko. Yoko can do no wrong in her eyes. If Yoko wants her toy, she will drop it and give it to her. If Yoko wants to go first, she will allow it. If Yoko wants to be rough with her, she takes it.
All five of our dogs adore each other. I wasn't sure how Kilt would react to me keeping a daughter of hers. Thankfully, it worked out great. I know that some of my friends have difficulties with fights, etc. among their dogs. Lucky for us, we have none of that. :0)

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Karen said...

I've heard of the horrors of bitch fights, but haven't experienced any.