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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A closed mind

"A battle within the self is more intense than any external obstacle."
One thing I've learned is to keep an open mind, especially in the training of my dogs.  Occasionally I visit training lists on the web to learn from and join in on discussions.  One list I had to delete due to several people who had closed minds and ridiculed other peoples training methods.

These people are "ones who see barriers instead of hurdles."  Life presents them with lemons frequently.  I feel sorry for them.   If they were just able to change their mind-set, their life would become so much more enjoyable.  Keep an open mind and doors will open for you. 

Here's to all of my dog friends.  Have a GREAT day.  Enjoy every minute of it!

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gvmama said...

Diane...thank-you, but by going back to that list you are wading in shark infested waters :0)