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Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 National Finals

Riorun Jet
JET congratulates his half brother, Patrick Shannahan's RIGGS on winning the 2010 finals.  All morning, I kept telling my husband, "It's going to be Rigg's day.  I can feel it."  Patrick last won the finals in 1994 with Hannah.  It was due time for him to make another big win.  Riggs has been a bridesmaid for too long, always in the semi-finals, but this year it was his turn.  Riggs also won, Best gather, Best drive, and Best shed.   Congratulations to Patrick who sold me my first Border Collie, Jet, and who has started many a novice handler.  This gentleman always has time for a kind word.  That's what makes him so special. :0)  Every novice e-mail I have written to Patrick about Jet over the years, he would take the time to write me back encouraging words and lessons.  I'm sure there were many people all across America rooting for him.


Karen said...

Congrats to Riggs, and Jet too, by association:)
If there is anywhere to view Riggs' run, let us know. I just checked Utube, but nothing there yet.

gvmama said...

Jet and I have won the nationals oodles of times over and over in our "minds." I'm so happy to see a family member win the BIG one, because I know Patrick feels the same way about Riggs as I do about Jet. Something very special in that bloodline. :0)
Stll looking for U-tube runs.