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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Bean

Buying a pup truly is a "crap" shoot.

We saw a sign up the street that said "Labradors for sale." I knew a veterinarian lived there. I knew the lady of the house was big into showing Labradors. I checked out the lines of the dogs before actually saying, "We'll take one." They had English blood lines, meaning a shorter, stockier Lab. The sire had too many championships to even mention. It was almost silly; American, Mexican, and the list goes on. I only saw pictures of the gorgeous black father of the pups on the cover of magazines. We met the mother in person.

None of the pups were spoken for. There were FIVE fat rolly polly 4 week old Labradors. I don't think pups can get cuter than Labs. OMG How would we choose? It was between two girls. One very large girl and one smaller female. We couldn't decide. So, being knowledgeable buyers we said, "Let's flip a coin." Heads for the big one, tails for the small one. HEADS! So we took the SMALL one. Go figure :0)

Xena Bean is now 12 years old. You couldn't get a better dog than her if you tried. She is willing to do anything for you. She taught us all about agility. I trialed her. Our grandson trialed her. And, Wayne qualified for the world finals five times with her. All she requires is her dinner and a pat on the head. And, never a lame step. Very "unlike" the Border Collies.

There will be no replacing the Bean when that day comes....can't even think about it. I hope she lives forever :0)

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Karen said...

Awww, love the labs, and sounds like you got a real 'winner' with Bean. And I agree with you about there being nothing cuter than a lab pup!