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Thursday, August 26, 2010

At the fair

On our way to the fair. 103 degrees outside and thunderstorms. At least it wasn't
sunny. I'd rather have it cloud covered when it's that hot!
Lots to eat at the fair AND lots of BIG people eating at the fair. Oh my....a people watching paradise. I swear I'm gonna lose 15 lbs. immediately.

My handsome ex-marine husband posing. Wayne still looks like his marine photos. He's in his fifties. When is he ever going to get grey hair?

First things first....to the massage booth. Both of us to the massage booth.

Here's a wierd exhibit...the Mexican Charro collection. I guess only in California.

My camera made this couple look too good. Wayne and I got the giggles.

He looks bummed, because who the heck would want to wear a hat like that! I think that's a hotdog on his head. He's gonna be scarred for life from this experience.

We went to the fair because of Dierks Bentley. We had great seats and he put on an awesome show. The acoustics were amazing. Unfortunately, due to the heat, the smell of sweat and hotdogs almost made me upchuck. But, Dierks was fabulous.

Amazing desert sunset at the fairground as the concert got underway. We made it another year. We always try to get to the fair for at least one day. Done deal. Plus, we both bought a few "unnecessary" items. I think mine were more necessary than Wayne's. Haha Wayne bought a sushi maker. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for him to make sushi! I bought a dental tool to use on the dog's teeth, a D ring with a rubber gadget that fits over your water bottle so you can attach it to your belt loop, a new leather fanny pack that holds my phone, camera and enough room for a water bottle and some orange blossom honey sticks. We shared a barbecue sandwich and we each had an ear of corn. I went one step further and had a soft ice cream cone. You can't go to a fair without having some ice cream...come on now. :0)


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Cotton Candy ;-)

gvmama said...

You're right....but it was 103 degrees outside. Can you say STICKY...I opted for the ice cream that I ate as quickly as it was melting :0)

Karen said...

Mini donuts:)
Great sunset!
People of Walmart! What DOES that guy have on his head, and what is he shoplifting under that shirt!

gvmama said...

Karen...now that's funny. He has one of those fake hair visors on his head and under the shirt...no comment. People must have been shoplifting stuff everywhere. hahahaha

Karen said...

Fake hair visor? Okay, that's a new one on me, will have to keep my eyes open for one of those:) Do I want one,ummm....NO!