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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Walk-Up Whisper

This was a recent note I received from Karen in British Columbia about "Whisper." It is a GOOD feeling to know that all 5 puppies got such wonderful homes and that everyone is enjoying them.
The Jet/Kilt cross not only produced some nice working dogs, but they are all beautiful to look at (an added bonus)

Hi Suzanne,

I have never been so busy with one dog in my life..... I always believed in keeping my dogs busy, but now its turned around, because Whisper keeps me busy....
She has certainly encouraged me to step off the farm and the horse world, onto "dog adventures" Ha ha.
She is very talented in keeping everyone where she wants, she even finds the ability to make total strangers compulsively bend down to pat her.
If I ever, ever decide to breed her, I'll have no problem placing the pups. People are always asking, when?????
Whisper and I completed, puppy class, level 1 obedience, level 2, level 3, level 4, then we did a Canine Good Neighbor Program, Cross Country for K9/Handler, and we just finished the beginners Rally O. We still go every Monday night to Cross Country K9/Handler, because it is so much fun for the both of us..
I am part of a organization called CDART. Canadian, Disaster, Animal, Rescue, Team. At the beginning of this month Whisper and I, participated in two parades. Next year CDART has already been asked to participate in 5 different parades through out B.C.. "Lots of walking" . Whisper certainly loves the attention from the spectators, and the praises she gets.
Thanks for your e-mail, sounds like the whole family is active, which then only says how lucky they all are.

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Karen said...

I'll have to keep my eyes open for another Karen in B.C., and her dog Whisper:)
Always wonderful to know that any dog you have been involved with has gone to a great home!