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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Relocating the pen

Wayne heading in from the field bringing the pen to a smaller field.

Yoko wanted a chance to feel how it looks from the driver's seat.

Wayne and Kilt relocating the pen to a more suitable working spot.

The girls watch intently.....Yoko and her mother, Kilt in the bucket.

Wayne and I went over to Task Farms today. I work my dogs locally at Task Farms, some 15 mintues away. They always have sheep, sometimes goats, and on occasion cows and geese. Wayne and I both had this Monday off and what a glorious cool day for July in So. Calif. it was. Terry and Colleen had just got back from a mountain excursion with their horses and pack mules from the high country. Wow...did they have some stories to tell. I told them a few Pacific Northwest stories. It was fun to swap tales.

Since I had some difficulty with Yoko at the pen while trialing, it was time to bring in the pen out of the big field (now covered in foxtails) to a more suitable location for practice. I rarely practice penning. Yo needs lots more close-up work. She has a tendancy to jump in the sheeps faces or go for a heel. We will do some practice penning and work on square flanks at the pen and on our shedding this summer. :0)

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Karen said...

A little bit of work, and Yoko could probably drive that tractor for you:)