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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Close-up work

This summer Yoko and I are concentrating on close-up work in pens, at the pen, square flanking...big flanks, and teeny tiny square flanks. Also, we will start to do some shed work.
A big hat mentioned to me that WA. sheep are more respectful of dogs than our western sheep when I mentioned we had a bit of success trialing there. I had to think about that that for a minute. Maybe it's because they have luscious green vegetation to graze on. Our sheep will kill a dog for a few foxtails....LOL
Yoko likes to use her teeth because she has been pounded on by many a sheep. I don't want to discourage her from using teeth, but she has to learn when it is permissible and also. learn to wait until she is asked. If she needs to protect herself...she doesn't need to ask for permission.
It will all come together with time, training, and consistency.

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