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Monday, June 21, 2010

Yoko is having a "Melt-Down"

Poor baby Yo. You forget how hard a long trip is on the pups...new people, new places, and new experiences. Yoko hasn't snapped back after her BIG fright with the set-out person wearing the bright orange rain hat. I spent the night with my son last night. He has a 5 foot big screen TV. We put on a movie in surround sound. Yoko about went ballistic. I had to put her in the back room where she hid under a bed.
This morning my son came out in his dress fatigues and Yoko didn't recognize him. It was an instant melt-down. She adores him, but couldn't even take a cookie from him while he was in different clothing. Now she is hiding under the computer desk wishing she was Dorothy about to be transferred back home. Yo can't handle Bilbo the parrot yelling "Good Morning" at her. Poor baby Yoko. I hope she can survive a couple of more classes today at the trial. She has one more nursery and one more pro-novice run. And, it's raining....more rain gear and rain hats. My poor lil southern California girl.

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